Energy Disks



The original energy disks were channeled in from Hallie Deering for the Angel Academy.  She termed them as Holographic Disks.  The disks were not actual hologram pictures.  The pictures transferred its image into the recipients auric field in a form of an astral, mental or causal hologram.  Thoughts are holograms of energy formed in astral, mental and causal planes.  Using the holographic images of the pictures in the disks allows for extremely potent energy to receive these higher vibrations to restore our spiritual connection and physical well being.  Hallie published her book Do-It-Yourself Power Tools Angelic Technology Manifesting on Earth to allow light workers to assemble their own disks using the images she channeled. 


In 2003, I was introduced to these disks and found them to be very powerful in my healing practice.  And then I found Hallie’s book that guided me through the process to make these myself.  I was inspired to use other images that I copied out of books. Then I began to paint and make the disks with my own original paintings.  In 2014, I was at a weekend workshop and learned about the flower of life and its ability to clear water and other physical things.  And the flower of life disk was created.  Each image is drawn and decorated then enclosed in glass that is wrapped in copper.  After that each one receives an attunement to infuse sacred intent into each disk.  



Each energy disk is a sacred object that is a dedicated talisman.  The disk is attuned to empower your energy and awaken the light within you.  Each one has been cleansed, dedicated and charged with sacred intent.  It is a way to work with the material world in a spiritual way.  It will assist with healing difficult relationships family, body, eating and food, and financial or physical security.  Assist you with bringing ideas to physical form, living your path in a practical and material way through honoring light into matter.



  1. Do NOT get the disk wet, it will ruin the picture inside the disk.
  2. Hold the disk by the edges and to avoid smudges on the glass.
  3. Wipe the disk clear of smudges with glass cleaner and a soft cloth, my personal preference is rubbing alcohol on the cloth.
  4. Smudge for 30-60 seconds over incense or if you have a smudging spray wipe the disk off with the smudging spray.
  5. When not in use store inside silk bag that will keep it from picking up other energies.



These disks are intense energy.  It may take time to adjust to the energy.  Sleeping or carrying around with you all day may cause a loss of focus.  Use them in small doses until you adjust to the disk vibration.



These tools are for healing, channeling and clairvoyance.  And may be used by anyone that is interested in moving at an accelerated pace.  There is a wide variety symbols and geometric designs available.  Each design will open, balance and tune the chakras as well as impact DNA, cleanse and heal auric fields, be used for meditation and channeling.  The disks may be placed on the body, used on altars, during yoga practice, for meditation and prayer and much more…follow your guidance. 


Chakra Clearing

Place the disk on each chakra and strobe light for 2-3 minutes without a strobe light for 20 minutes.  Adding chakra music in the background will also assist in this process.   Do NOT use a strobe light on anyone prone to seizures.


Space Clearing

Place disk on a light box for 60 minutes per day and it will fill the space with angelic energy.  30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.  This will last 24-72 hours in the space. 


Water Infusion

Take a mason jar and fill with distilled water.  Please the disk in the sun and/or moon light for 2-4 hours and up to 24 hours with the disk on top or as a coaster.  DO NOT submerge the disk.  This is the mother essence.  Adding a couple drops on wrist, neck, tongue, water, moisturizer, bath, or spritz bottle. 


Long term storage, place in a dark jar with 2/3 full of mother and 1/3 full of brandy or vodka. 


Charging Disk

Say the following invocation:

I call upon (Disk Name), I call upon (Essence), I call upon angels, masters, guides that love me unconditionally of my own free will.  Be with me now.  I trust (Disk Name) and angels that love me unconditionally to gift me with (Essence) with protection divine.  I accept all gifts arriving from unconditional love now. 



Hold the disk in front of a light source and sit gazing at it while you prepare to meditate, channel or healing.  This locks the image into the third eye.



30 Day or more Practice

Relax into your most comfortable meditative position.  Focus your attention on the talisman image.  Breathe deeply into your heart.  When you are ready, think or say:

I anchor firmly to my divine line.  I ask all aspects of me that have a divine line anchor firmly into their own divine line.  All aspects of me anchor firmly now into our divine line throughout this entire day.  We now travel to the level of our higher selves.  We ask for the baptism and cleansing in the light to release the past that now longer serves.  We ask to receive the essence of love, peace, compassion, truth, trust, gratitude, grace, union, unity, partnership, forgiveness, faith, joy, harmony, clear communication, wisdom, sensory perception, prosperity and anything else our higher selves know we require at this time.  (pause until this feels complete) We ask to be held and wrapped in sheets of rainbow light and update all ways in which we perceive and are perceived and our grids.  Thank you!  We are free!  We are free!  We are free!