Hilarie Cox

Hilarie sees what works or not and transforms, connects and harmonizes the patterns in life. As a Reiki Master, InnerSpeak Practitioner, Sound Therapist, BG5 student, Angel Card Reader, and Angel Minister, she will lead you on a transformational journey that connects you to the magic in life.

She offers a variety of services that support you to remove the obstacles in your life with InnerSpeak, Reiki, Sound Therapy and Angel Card Readings. Leading you to new strategies on how to operate in harmony with yourself and others BG5 Career Overviews you learn about your design, gifts and natural talents. Hilarie writes and leads spiritual ceremonies and rituals to support you.

Hilarie integrates spirit into matter with creative art. Currently, she is offering aromatherapy affirmation bracelets and symbolic talismans disks. Each piece is cleansed, dedicated and charged with sacred intent to support your magical journey in life.

Are you ready to listen the patterns in your life? What is the story telling you of who, what and how you serve in this world? What is there to transform or not? How are you divinely supported on this journey? Are you ready to discover the magical power within you?

Call 803-656-5074 or email h@magicpowerinyou.com