Hilarie Cox

Hilarie Cox

Hilarie is passionate and committed to assisting women to doing the work they love.  She is a leader that connects her clients with their inner magic and frees them to live a life they love.  Her creative nature assists her in mapping out solutions that are simple and easy.  She offers tools to assist, teach and model in everyday life. 

Hilarie’s IT career provided her the opportunity to experience the art of data mapping and analysis which offered her opportunities to be a business leader of teams around the globe.  She committed and surrendered to being a business minister.   This led her to be a change agent in the corporate world.  Where she discovered the importance of being heart centered and igniting the light within while supporting her customers and peers with her hearty laughter.  Following her inner magic took her on a journey to learn healing modalities of Reiki, Sound Healing and Inner-Speak and to become an angel minister that opened her heart and light of magical endless possibilities instead of being a black and white thinker. 

She serves women to tap into their inner magic and clear the blocks that are keeping them stuck in work that they hate, has them exhausted and feeling not good enough.  Hilarie’s custom services taps into the inner magic of her clients and provides them with individualized roadmaps to guide their work and life paths to live a life that they love.

Hilarie believes when the inner magic in each individual is ignited it has the power to transform business to be holistic, profitable and service focused instead of greed and competition. 

In her spare time, she spends time camping, hiking and creatively crafting or doing a home DIY project with her husband Mike.  Her hobbies include pendulums, crystals, oracle card decks, studying essential oils, flower remedies and homeopathics and is an avid reader of fantasy and self improvement books.  Hilarie loves her animals and has 4 rescue animals that are her favorite co-workers. 



Text or Call:  803-656-5074